Het eten van Indonesië

Schreven we een aantal maanden geleden nog dat het eten in China allerminst overeenkomsten vertoond met het eten wat je in Chinese restaurants in Nederland met kroepoek vergezeld krijgt, kunnen we nu van het eten in Indonesië zeggen dat het wel zo was als we vanuit ons thuisland gewend waren. Compleet met kroepoek!

Nasi goreng, beef rendang, saté ayam, gado gado of soto soep, het was allemaal overal verkrijgbaar en erg lekker. Kunnen we in sommige landen nog wel eens opzien tegen de uitdaging om weer een restaurant te vinden waar we iets smakelijks kunnen eten, was dat in Indonesië allerminst het geval. Lees verder

The Places we call Home in Australia

Places we call Home - AustraliaWe had several first experiences in places we called home while visiting Australia. After months of hostels and guesthouses, we were excited to try out AirBnB and campervan living. When we decided to visit Perth, we were shocked to see the hostel prices, even for dormitories, which are one of the highest in Australia. Add to that the notorious noise and party atmosphere and we were looking for alternatives. AirBnB was something we wanted to try out for a while so we decided to give it a go. We created an account and read the reviews of the various places on offer. Read More

LiT in Kobe

We were looking for some fun but all we got was the fan.

LiT in Miyajima

Our Favorite South West Australian Beaches

Madfish Bay - SW AustraliaIt’s no secret that Len and I love spending time on beaches. In all the countries on our trip with beaches, we never fail to add them to our itinerary list. A beach says a lot about the country and its people and we think it’s a good way to see how the locals enjoy their free time. What we always hope for is an idyllic peaceful place where we can hang out with books or use the ocean as our pool. When we think of Australia we can’t help associating beaches with all dangerous creatures and the Jaws theme song pops up in mind but also with pictures of beautiful blue green paradises. Read More

Karakol – Voetbalvelden

Gevoetbald werd er ook in het plaatsje Karakol in het oosten van Kirgizie. Op de achtergrond besneeuwde bergpieken.

Impressions of Rottnest Island

Rottnest IslandStarting off your day by ferrying over to an island under a bright blue sky with the prospect of spending your day biking swimming and relaxing next to crystal clear turquoise water is the best. After a couple of days discovering Perth, we wanted to get active and see the Aussie nature up close. We took the 25 minutes ferry from Fremantle B shed port and were awed by how much the surroundings changed in such a short time. As we got closer to the island the water changed into different shades of blue and green backed up by dramatic coastal cliffs. As there are no cars allowed on the island, you can just feel the calmness when you arrive, with a sudden full on holiday feeling. Read More