Our Peruvian Amazon Trip on a Budget

Amazon trip on a budgetWe first thought about visiting the Amazon when we were in Bolivia. Trips to the Amazon or selva (jungle) as called by locals are offered in Bolivia (however officially not yet the Amazon as the river starts in Peru), Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and of course Brazil. Our initial research showed lodges with package prices for a full all inclusive experience ranging from several hundreds of dollars to a couple of thousands. Not exactly what we hoped to see as this will take a huge chunk of our budget and we wondered if it would be worth the price? Read More

Salento – Koffie, palmen en nog meer koffie

Salento koffieSalento is de ideale backpackersbestemming. Het is er klein en overzichtelijk, uitstapjes zijn er makkelijk te maken en er is goede koffie! Alleen dat laatste was al reden genoeg voor ons om er naartoe te reizen.  Lees verder

The Places we call Home in Vancouver & Vancouver Island

We had big plans when we arrived in Vancouver. Find a minivan, buy it, build a bed for the van and transform the minivan into our campervan! But first, we needed a base in Vancouver. We were lucky to stay with a lovely family at their AirBnB home that had a garage filled with tools to build our campervan bed. It was also one of our first very comfortable rooms in a long time which made us feel really pampered. Read More

18 Maanden getrouwd

Anderhalf jaar getrouwd en nog steeds op huwelijksreis. Gedurende deze achttiende maand waren we in Colombia waar we genoten van de koffie en ons verbaasden over de hoge palmen. De foto is genomen in het wax palmenbos van La Cocora nabij Salento.