The Places we call Home in Australia

Places we call Home - AustraliaWe had several first experiences in places we called home while visiting Australia. After months of hostels and guesthouses, we were excited to try out AirBnB and campervan living. When we decided to visit Perth, we were shocked to see the hostel prices, even for dormitories, which are one of the highest in Australia. Add to that the notorious noise and party atmosphere and we were looking for alternatives. AirBnB was something we wanted to try out for a while so we decided to give it a go. We created an account and read the reviews of the various places on offer. Deb and Eric’s home had such great reviews and the location was perfect so we booked our first AirBnB and were pleasantly surprised when we were offered to be picked up from the airport even though we were arriving first thing in the morning. This was the first of many great AirBnB stays and we think our stay in Perth was made better by staying here.

Next first experience was our campervan which perfectly combines transport and home while cruising around South West Australia. Australia has quite a few rental companies and while on the road we saw lots of Apollo, Britz and Maui vans. However, as we are on a bit of a budget, our choice was the Lucky Rental campervan. For anyone who has travelled through New Zealand or the States, the bright green Juicy rental campervan will not be a strange sight. Well, take an old Juicy van and paint it white, now you have a Lucky Rental van. Perth just opened up their rental location and this van became our home for 8 days.

Campervan living is such a big thing in Australia that if you are travelling for a while here, it would be best to buy a converted campervan from another traveler. We saw lots of supermarket ads offering campervans kitted out with complete camping gear. On our last night in Perth when we stayed in a hostel, we saw full notice boards and plastic folders filled with vans and camping gear for sale. But for a week or two, Lucky Rental vans were perfect for us as the price was great and even though the vans are old, you have everything you need. And what a great way it was to see Australia.

Another factor which added to the fun of camping in Australia was the always present barbeques at the campsites. They were always clean and free so for the first time in months, we spoiled ourselves with the famous Australian steaks  and wines. The Aussies so love their barbeques that we saw them free for use at beaches and parks.

We spent € 44 per night at our AirBnB home, € 20 per night for our campsites and € 50 per night at our hostel for our private room.

AirBnB at Deb & Eric’s - Perth

Perth – AirBnB at Deb & Eric’s

Yallingup Beach Holiday Park - Yallingup

Yallingup – Yallingup Beach Holiday Park, our first of many steak and wine dinners.

Hamelin Bay Holiday Park - Hamelin

Hamelin – Hamelin Bay Holiday Park, among the pepermint trees and next to the beach.

Shannon National Park - Pemberton

Pemberton – Shannon National Park

Australian National Park camping

We loved the way we had to pay for a National Park camping spot.

Denmark Ocean Beach Holiday Park - Denmark

Denmark – Denmark Ocean Beach Holiday Park, with our little kangaroo family. Apparently there are 200 kangaroos living on the campground.

Kojunup Caravan Park - Kojunup

Kojunup – Kojunup Caravan Park

One World Backpackers Hostel - Perth

Perth – One World Backpackers Hostel

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