The Places we call Home in Argentina

Argentina was our introduction to South America, for both of us a brand new continent awaiting to be discovered. It was also the first country after Canada where we spent 3 months living in our converted campervan. We were going back to life in hostels and we wondered how the quality and atmosphere would be in South America. It was a good idea to start off in Argentina after 4 months in Canada for an easier transition into South America. Read More

Quebrada de Humahuaca – Vivid landscapes and ancient villages

After a month in Patagonia, our vision of Argentina was formed by snowcapped mountains, large empty pampas, guanacos, glaciers and the cold. We knew that the north was different but we just couldn’t imagine that it could be this different. We even wondered if we have stepped into a new country. Our first introductions to the north were the cities of Cordoba and Salta, both rich in colonial architecture and colorful buildings. We spent our days roaming the cities, eating ice cream on the main squares where the locals come out to play and visiting cathedrals and churches. Read More

Artistic and Expressive Buenos Aires

Before arriving in Buenos Aires, we were often told how passionate, expressive and lively the Porteños (inhabitants of Buenos Aires) were. Within the first hours of strolling around Buenos Aires, we saw how true this was and how the good vibes also can be seen on the streets and walls of this vibrant city. For us, South America is a continent that expresses itself through murals and Buenos Aires might just be the capital of murals. Read More

Patagonië is wild

De afstanden zijn enorm, de wind altijd guur, het zeewater komt maar nauwelijks boven nul graden en de begroeiing komt vaak niet meer dan een meter boven de grond uit. Geen omstandigheden waar de mens zich heel erg thuis voelt, maar er zijn dieren die er hier in de zuid Argentijnse provincie Patagonië goed mee weten om te gaan. En laten dat nou juist dieren zijn die je niet zomaar overal op de wereld tegenkomt.  Lees verder

Stedentrip Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires tangoNa onze vier maanden in Canada was Buenos Aires onze eerste stad waar we de hostels en het openbaar vervoer weer in moesten. Tevens was de stad van de mooie luchten onze introductie in een onbekend continent. We verbleven er verspreid over twee periodes (tussendoor verbleven we in Uruguay) zes nachten. Lees verder