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What do you bring along when your backpack becomes your home for at least a year? This must be one of the most popular questions asked when we told our friends and family that we decided to go travelling. Backpack or suitcase? Get gear along the way or from home? And how can you survive with such a small amount of clothing?

Packing lists on other blogs soon became one of my new obsession and they were quite a big help when deciding what we will bring along. You don’t want to over pack but having proper good quality outdoor clothing can make such a difference when travelling in extreme climates and can be expensive and difficult to get on the road. We hoped that what made our cut is the perfect mix for us. So here goes, this is what we decided to bring along on our backs.

Jolanda’s Backpack (Osprey Ariel 65L)

Travel bag

Sea to Summit Sleeping bag liner

Sea to Summit Stuff Sacks (2 x L, 1 x M)

Clothing & Shoes

Hiking boots – Lowa Enduro GoreTex Low

Nike Frees



1 x jeans

1 x fjallraven travel pants

1 x leggings

2 x shorts + 1 x sport shorts

1 x dress

7 x t-shirts

8 x blouse/shirt

2 x fleece

1 x jacket

5 x socks (incl. 1 x hiking socks)

12 x undies

4 x bra + 2 x sports bra

2 x bikini

1 x thermo long sleeve shirt


Buff + Hair bands + Cap


Wedding Veil + Bow tie (For our fun honeymoon photos)

Len’s Backpack (North Face 65L)

Travel bag

Sea to Summit Sleeping bag liner

Sea to Summit Stuff Sacks (2 x L, 1 x M)

Clothing & Shoes

Hiking boots – Low Salomon XA 3D Ultra 2 GoreTex

Nike Frees


1 x jeans

1 x fjallraven travel pants

1 x long pants

1 x shorts + 1 x sports shorts

7 x t-shirts/polos’s

5 x blouse/shirt

2 x fleece

1 x jacket

8 x socks (incl. 1 x hiking socks)

8 x boxers

1 x thermo long sleeve shirt

Board shorts

Buff + Skull cap + Cap


Shared Gear, Gadgets and Misc

Waterproof Bag


Camera + accessories

Mobile phone

Memory stick w/ Email addresses + addresses + for extra photo backup


Universal plug

IPOD w/small speakers

GPS Watch

Swiss Army Knife

2 x Head-lights

2 x Locks (1 x w/ cable)

Laundry powder + universal rubber plug + laundry line

Sewing kit

Permanent marker

Ziplocs bags


Books + E-reader

2 x Quick dry towel

2 x Normal towels

Diary + Pens + Deck of cards

Photos of us and small gifts


Toiletry Cell (1 x each)

Toilet paper

Soap in container + Shampoo + Conditioner

Toothbrush + Toothpaste + Dental Floss

 Hair Comb + Hair gel + serum


Ear cotton buds + Cotton pads

Mirror + Nail Clippers + Tweezers

Face wash + Face cream + Eye cream

Razor + shaving oil

Eye Glasses + contact lens + solution + eye drops

Insect repellent (DEET) + bite clicker

Moist towelettes + hand sanitizer


Small solid perfume, nail polish + remover, lipgloss


Passport + extra passport photos + visa’s

Money (Extra new not damaged $ bills issued after 2000)


Credit cards & ATM debit cards

Driver’s licenses

International certificates of vaccination: The yellow book


(Keep a photocopy of all documents with you and email a copy to your email)

Copy of first page of passport & visa’s

Insurance Policy info

Copy of Marriage Certificate

Copies of anything expensive or foreign-made (camera, computer) receipts for customs or insurance purposes

Phone numbers, email addresses and addresses for emergency and for postcards

First aid kit

Skin: Sunscreen, After sun cream, bandages, gauze, adhesive tape, cotton, blister plasters, wound cleaner, lip balm, antihistamine/hydrocortisone (itching and rashes)/ caladryl calamine).

Painkillers: Ibuprofen

Meds for stomach: Decongestant, nausea/diarrhea (Imodium Rennies), anti-inflammatory, motion sickness, Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS).


Water purifying tablets

Cold medicine, cough medicine, tiger balm

Thermometer, small scissors

Birth control pill

Antibiotics for emergency stomach (Intestinal) illness

Day pack (Osprey Talon 22L)

Are we missing anything or have we overpacked?

We will give an updated list after we are on the road for 6 months and see what stayed and what went.

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