The Places we call Home in Chile

We went to Chile for the Torres del Paine’s W trek and arrived in the town of Puerto Natales to arrange our trek. Lili Patagonicos was the perfect place to stay and we rented all our gear at the hostel and were able to leave our luggage during our hike. Carlos, our host was a wealth of information having done the trek so many times he lost count. Read More

The Places we call Home in Uruguay

With our brief visit to Uruguay we got a good taste of the accommodation choices offered in Uruguay. In Colonia del Sacramento, our hostel was in an old colonial house including creaky wooden floors, old colorful tiles and a sunny courtyard. Our next home was a cozy family home in Montevideo filled with hanging plants, where we had access to their kitchen and dining room, all decked out in Uruguayan style. Read More

The Places we call Home in Argentina

Argentina was our introduction to South America, for both of us a brand new continent awaiting to be discovered. It was also the first country after Canada where we spent 3 months living in our converted campervan. We were going back to life in hostels and we wondered how the quality and atmosphere would be in South America. It was a good idea to start off in Argentina after 4 months in Canada for an easier transition into South America. Read More

The Places we call Home in Vancouver & Vancouver Island

We had big plans when we arrived in Vancouver. Find a minivan, buy it, build a bed for the van and transform the minivan into our campervan! But first, we needed a base in Vancouver. We were lucky to stay with a lovely family at their AirBnB home that had a garage filled with tools to build our campervan bed. It was also one of our first very comfortable rooms in a long time which made us feel really pampered. Read More

The Places we call Home in Canada – East Coast

Canada has always held a special place in our hearts and it was great to be back after 10 years. Back then we were both students at the University of Ottawa and where else could we start our Canadian part of our trip than in Ottawa. For Ottawa we chose an AirBnB home in a neighborhood close by the university so we can go back and see what have changed in the past 10 years. Read More

The Places we call Home in Indonesia

Places we call Home - IndonesiaSun, sea, sand, rice fields and mountain vistas, Bali, Lombok and the Gili islands each have ingredients for a perfect stay. Adding to that, while staying in a Balinese guesthouses or home stays, you can witness the daily offerings made by the family at their family shrine. Small touches we love were the fresh frangipanis and hibiscuses on our beds every day, welcome juices and coffees and the many gardens filled with blooming flowers. All in all, it was not hard to find nice places to call home.

The views and guesthouse surroundings were also what we took into consideration when booking our rooms. Read More

The Places we call Home in Australia

Places we call Home - AustraliaWe had several first experiences in places we called home while visiting Australia. After months of hostels and guesthouses, we were excited to try out AirBnB and campervan living. When we decided to visit Perth, we were shocked to see the hostel prices, even for dormitories, which are one of the highest in Australia. Add to that the notorious noise and party atmosphere and we were looking for alternatives. AirBnB was something we wanted to try out for a while so we decided to give it a go. We created an account and read the reviews of the various places on offer. Read More

Onze eerste Airbnb ervaring

Slaapplekken komen er tijdens een wereldreis in alle soorten en maten. Een yurt, een auto op de grens van Afghanistan, trein, vliegveld, met 12 anderen op een slaapzaal of op de grond bij mensen in Kirgizië, we hebben er allemaal al eens onze nacht doorgebracht.

Bij het researchen naar een slaapplek voor Perth werden we weer opnieuw uitgedaagd. Australië, en Perth in het bijzonder is namelijk nogal aan de dure kant en zelfs een bed in een slaapzaal in een eenvoudig hostel was al minimaal negentien euro. De reviews van dit soort plekken beloofden bovendien luidruchtige nachten, vieze toiletten en ongedierte in de kamer.  Lees verder

The Places we call Home in Thailand

Places we call Home - ThailandArriving in Thailand was like a short break from travelling as we were in our second home country for a couple of weeks. We thoroughly enjoyed being cared for by my parents and having a home base. We were on the road for nearly a year by then and have packed and unpacked our backpacks in over a hundred places. Packing is done in a jiffy but the luxury of not having to live out of your backpack for a couple of weeks was welcomed. Everything went in the laundry, including our bags and our first aid kits and supplies were reviewed and replenished.

Eating out has become a normal daily activity so having home cooked meals was great. We chilled out and caught up with my parents but also visited Chiang Mai and Bangkok, two cities where we always feel at home in. Thailand accommodations are plentiful and cheap and finding a place to sleep was easy. Accommodations are always great value for money and we made our choices based on location. read more

The Places we call Home in India

Places we call Home - IndiaThe choices and availability of accommodation in India is plentiful and divers. With so many visitors per year, largely backpackers, there was no difficulty finding budget accommodation. We started out in North India and trailed down to the south, so it was great to compare the different types of accommodations in this enormous country.

Visiting both North and South India, we noticed a few differences in the facilities of guesthouses and hotels. In the north, especially in Rajasthan, a beautiful option was staying in a (converted) Haveli. Havelis are old private mansions elaborately decorated with one or more courtyards and rich in Indian architectural heritage. After a couple of guesthouses, we noticed one very welcoming feature of our accommodations which was the rooftop. Rooftops became our favorite place to sit back and watch the everyday life on the streets. Read More