Thali – All you can eat Indian style

Indian ThaliWhat should you get when you want to eat like a local, try everything on offer but not get a hefty bill at the end of the meal? Best bet is to try a thali. Thali is an Indian (or Nepalese) meal consisting of various small dishes usually served on a steel tray. You typically get to choose between the veg and the non veg option and it sometimes works on an all you can eat basis. Your thali will probably include rice, dal, couple vegetable/meat curries, roti or papadums, yoghurt, chutneys and maybe a sweet.

It can be a bit of an adventure ordering, eating and paying for your thali meal as most thali places are not used to foreigners. So this includes trying to find utensils to eat with (your typical Indian meal companion will most likely eat with their hands), explaining the many sinks around the restaurant. At our first thali experience in Delhi, we went to a popular thali chain restaurant in which you need to first order and then collect your meal. As the Indians are usually quite excited to get their meal, you may need to elbow your way in to collect your meals. Otherwise, sit back and before you know it a thali meal will appear before you as in most thali places, thali is the only option on the menu.

Haldiram's, New Delhi

Our first Thali at Haldiram’s, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi

 Thali’s also reflect the region we were in and it was a great way to taste the different meals of north and south India. 

Indian Thali - Alleppey

All you can eat thali in Alleppey

In the case of an all you can eat place, waiters walk around offering to top up the dishes you like. You can either point to the dishes you want or learn the Indian head nodding and eyebrow raising method. When travelling on a budget, thali’s are great as they are filling and cheap. It’s also a great way to emerge yourself in the Indian culture.

Indian Thali - Gokarna

Simple thali on the beach in Gokarna

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