The Places we call Home in Canada – East Coast

Canada has always held a special place in our hearts and it was great to be back after 10 years. Back then we were both students at the University of Ottawa and where else could we start our Canadian part of our trip than in Ottawa. For Ottawa we chose an AirBnB home in a neighborhood close by the university so we can go back and see what have changed in the past 10 years.

After a week of Ottawa, we rented a car and headed over to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia where we also chose to sleep in AirBnBs as accommodation in Canada is quite expensive and AirBnB provides good value lodging and a chance to glimpse into the Canadian lives and homes. On our driving days, we slept in motels complete with neon signs and indoor pools. It was still spring when we visited so still too early to camp, so we searched for accommodation in the national parks which would not hit our daily budgets too hard. Luckily it was not high season yet so we got some discounts from the lovely people at the lodges and chalets.

Before flying out to the west coast, we drove back to Ottawa to catch our plane and had a very memorable night at our old student residence – Marchand, where they rent out student accommodation when school is out. It was great to walk down the same hallways and sleep in the same beds. We asked for a room on the same floor that Lennart had his room back in his student days. The rooms and floor have been spruced up a bit but it still felt the same as 10 years ago. On average we spent € 35 per room per night.

Ottawa (Sandy Hill) – AirBnB Home

Grand Falls – Motel Leo

Halifax – AirBnB Home

La Have (Bridgewater) – AirBnB Home

Ingonish (Cape Breton Trail) – Driftwood Lodge

Fundy National Park – Fundy Highland Inn & Chalets

Grand Manan Island – Hole in the Wall Campground

Quebec City – Le Chateauguay Motel

Ottawa – Marchand Residence

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