The Places we call Home in Uruguay

With our brief visit to Uruguay we got a good taste of the accommodation choices offered in Uruguay. In Colonia del Sacramento, our hostel was in an old colonial house including creaky wooden floors, old colorful tiles and a sunny courtyard. Our next home was a cozy family home in Montevideo filled with hanging plants, where we had access to their kitchen and dining room, all decked out in Uruguayan style. Orange blossoms bloomed on their sun terrace and we loved how we finally saw how the local homes look like from the inside. Cabo Polonio was our last stop in Uruguay, a seaside place that was reflected in our hostel where driftwood was styled in all sorts of furniture and where bonfires were lit under the stars. Here we met lots of travelers with interesting stories and reasons why they were travelling. It was very basic but very special, this small place in the middle of nowhere. Uruguay was not cheap and on average we spent € 27 per room per night.

Colonia del Sacramento – Hostel Colonial (1 night private double room and 1 night private dorm)

Montevideo – Los Jardines Colgantes de Babilonia (private room)

Cabo Polonio – Viejo Lobo (private room)

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